Research department

Discover the advantages of our research and portfolio valuation department. A full-time department examines each parameter and provides a complete analysis, as well as any additional information requested by the customer. We offer valuable data gained from 20 years’ experience.

Research and portfolio valuation department

Increase your profit by using valuable data.


Gesif transfers its expertise to its database in order for it to become a key value. The quality of Gesif’s debt collection and portfolio valuation services is founded on quality, quantity and the value of its registered data.


Working with the most renowned companies in the financial sector for more than twenty years has allowed us to build a database for our estimates, based on the actual performance of all kinds of portfolios, enriching customer information and enhancing the achievement of objectives.


A leading voice


Gesif is an essential agent that provides the most accurate and relevant sector information. Thanks to the data generated by our Research Department, Gesif publishes the "Delinquency and Companies" Quarterly Newsletter in collaboration with the rating agency axesor.

Discover our “Delinquency and Companies” Quarterly Newsletter

We strengthen our debt collection services and portfolio analysis with the most valuable data.

Debt collection: amicable and judicial

Our research department provides real-time information consistently to portfolio managers and customers. This way we are able to improve debt collection, which is enriched with our customers’ feedback.

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Bad debt collection

Reduce the loss inherent to bad debt and obtain a reliable valuation, with a view to future portfolio sales.

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Portfolio valuation

Our research and portfolio valuation department specializes in the study and valuation of debt portfolios. We apply different analytical methods to obtain a reliable estimate.

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Due Diligence

Gesif has the necessary resources and knowledge to become an essential partner for customers who are contemplating the purchase of a portfolio.

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