Debt portfolio valuation


If you are considering whether to purchase a debt portfolio or need to know

exactly what possibilities exist of monetizing a NPL portfolio, Gesif can offer you its portfolio valuation service.

The accuracy of our estimates is based on our over twenty years’ experience in the management of debt portfolios and the value of the data and methodology applied by our Research and Portfolio Valuation Department.

What we provide


Aware of how important it is to accurately have a portfolio’s real value, Gesif places its expertise at its customers’ disposal.

Our database accumulates all relevant information in order to obtain a reliable estimate of the value and potential of each portfolio.


We use historical data from a large database that holds the information from over 20 years’ experience.

Our files store exhaustive information on recovery possibilities based on several parameters, as well as recent experience, in order to update applicable criteria.

We use statistical and econometric models in order to generate a specific estimate and build up a confidence interval.


Research department

A research department gathers all of Gesif’s information to accurately determine from the start what each portfolio’s actual recovery expectations are. (Read on)

“Delinquency and Companies” Quarterly Newsletter

Gesif not just a debt collection agency. It is an essential agent to obtain the most accurate and relevant information in the sector. Our publications on delinquency and companies are a reference in the world of economics. (Read on)