An expert team

Gesif is Spain’s most experienced debt collection agency. Our team specializes in debt collection, both in and out of court, and includes renowned professionals.

Expert team

Gesif is well-aware that experienced and proven professional ability are essential to provide quality service in debt collection.

This is why we have a stable and skilled workforce that combines lawyers, economists, specialized agents, analysts and administrative staff, always ready to respond to our customer’s needs.


Debt collection: Call Center team

Gesif has a team of selected and trained telephone operators to negotiate with the efficiency our customers expect.

Learn more about our debt collection service (call center).



Debt collection: By direct contact

Gesif’s agents are distributed all over Spain, close to debtors and customers.

Learn more about our debt collection service (by direct contact).



Legal recovery team

Gesif has its own team of lawyers distributed amongst its Headquarters and Office Network in Spain.

Learn more about our legal recovery service.




Bad debt recovery team

Gesif has a specialized team of experts dedicated to debtor location and negotiation. The Search/Location Unit has provided us with a higher-than-average contactability ratio.

Learn more about our failed debt recovery service.




Due diligence

Gesif has a multi-task team of economists and lawyers, specializing in the study and analysis of portfolios (ratios and key figures), financial statements, policies and backup or basic portfolio documents.

Learn more about our due diligence service.




Portfolio valuation

Gesif has a department specializing in the research and valuation of debt portfolios, using different analytical methods to produce a reliable estimate.

Learn more about our portfolio valuation service.

A balanced team

At present we have more than 200 employees on staff:
67% Collection agents
14% Lawyers
19% Management, Back Office, Finance and Systems

An expert team

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