Due Diligence service

After many years’ work in Due Diligence processes, Gesif has the resources and knowledge for it to act as an essential partner with customers who are contemplating a portfolio purchase.

What we provide


We are experts in the Due Diligence of Financial Sector portfolios, the ultimate goal of which is a subsequent sale transaction.

Knowledge and resources

Gesif has a database that holds the information obtained since its beginnings. This allows us to make estimates based on the actual performance of all kinds of portfolios.

We have directly and indirectly participated in Due Diligence processes conducted on financial sector portfolios and telecommunications, with a full range of products: loans and/or credits (whether or not notarized), mortgages, consumer finance, etc…

Expert team

Gesif has a multi-task team of economists and lawyers, specializing in the study and analysis of:

· Portfolios (ratios and key figures)
· Financial statements
· Policies
· Back-up or basic portfolio documents

Our team is also able to manage contracts to definitively instrument the operation in question.

Research department

A research department gathers all of Gesif’s information to accurately determine from the start what each portfolio’s actual recovery expectations are. (Read on)

Specialized team

Gesif’s team of economists and lawyers allows any contingency to be located and helps each customer obtain the best outcome from all negotiations. (Read on)