Our core values

Gesif’s debt collection and debt recovery service is guided by the company's core values: Independence, Experience, Adaptability, Customer Orientation and the Pursuit of Quality in all processes.

Customer orientation

Gesif is well aware of the current financial business model, including the problem of default and its impact on customers. This is why we help our customers understand their needs and find the best solutions.

Our services

We are independent

Gesif is not part of any financial or industrial group. We are only driven by our customers’ satisfaction, which is why we establish long-term relations, with no conflicts of interest, directed at achieving your goals.

Our services

We are experts

Gesif has over twenty years’ experience in debt collection and recovery. Our team, methodology and analysis capability have been enriched with all the experience and information gathered after many years’ work with Europe’s leading financial institutions.

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We are adaptable

Gesif adapts to always offer the best and most flexible solutions to its customers. Our experience and knowledge have enabled us to adjust to very familiar surroundings. This is why we have developed our own IT systems and methodologies in order to cover your real business needs.

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We are responsible

Gesif promotes respect for debtors, customers and employees. This is why it supports and participates in ethical standards applicable in the sector and monitors the quality of its internal processes.

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