Own IT systems for debt collection

Gesif is Spain’s most experienced debt collection agency.


We have our own tools for debt collection.


SGI software adapts to any customer, collection stage and type of portfolio.


SGI: Comprehensive and flexible debt collection software

Gesif provides customers with the necessary technology to meet every need in the debt collection process.

We use our own IT solutions for debt collection. Our tool consists of SGI software, designed to implement highly effective collection devices and to respond to the true needs behind debt recovery.

SGI includes support for all debt collection stages, from the initial telephone claim to the final stage, involving legal recovery.

SGI is able to adapt to all types of procedures used in debt collection: small-claims proceedings, enforced collection, mortgages, etc.

SGI manages any of the stages involved in a lawsuit and includes support for all documents generated during each procedure.

  • Internet based
  • Voice and data integration
  • Personalized portfolio management
  • Real-time data access and processing
  • Proactive teamwork
  • Dynamic calls
  • Detailed supervision of agent performance
  • Planning and alerts in all steps
  • Document delivery, automatic messaging and SMS
  • Digital organization of all portfolio documents
  • Customer Web Platform
  • Integrated BRE
  • Integrated CTI VoIP
  • Business Inteligence
  • Heterogeneous data support through ETL tools
Benefits for your company
  • Quality control
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Unification
  • Adaptability
  • Adaptability through business rules
  • Changes in protocol for specific campaigns
  • Protocol mangement tracking
  • Alarm setting
  • Homogeneous management, entailing a shorter learning curve for staff