Legal recovery (Spain)

If amicable collection fails, Gesif continues the debt claim by legal means.

Gesif has its own team of lawyers, distributed

amongst its Headquarters and Office

Network in Spain.

What we provide

Expert team

We specialize in the Legal Recovery of Unsecured Debts, Mortgage Debts and Failed Debt Portfolios.

Solutions for every case

Gesif offers legal recovery solutions for various types of debt. We manage any type of legal debt claims: mortgages, enforced collection, exchange and ordinary proceedings, oral procedures, etc...

Customer advice

Gesif provides advice as to the suitability of filing judicial proceedings, depending on each debtor’s equity/financial position.


Gesif maintains strict control over all judicial stages and milestones. We periodically review all judicial proceedings in order to detect any incidents and shorten the processing time.

Reinforced management

Gesif reinforces the legal claim process with parallel out-of-court negotiations, in order to exhaust all resources and ensure an expedient and low-cost resolution.

Back Office

We have a specific Back Office team, which manages all demands related to the provision of our services (administrative resources and documentary management).


Gesif issues real-time reports on every aspect of the entire portfolio management. Our reports are customized according to customer needs, and are uploaded onto a specific web platform. We adapt to any communication technology, even through encrypted channels.