Debt collection – by direct contact (Spain)

An amicable solution is first attempted for debt collection. Gesif helps its customers if a professional is required to defend their interests and to find the best payment solution. Our visiting collection agents increase the possibilities of debt recovery in all these cases.

What we provide

Collectors near debtors

Gesif’s agents are close to our customers and debtors, all over Spain. Our agents are aware of the area in which they operate, thereby improving their negotiating capacity.

Locating debtors

Gesif’s visiting agents are a valuable resource for getting in touch with debtors. Our agents make visits to locate debtors in order to negotiate possible payment solutions. This is complemented with our Location Unit, which provides a higher-than-average contactability ratio.

Face-to-face negotiations

Our visiting agents can negotiate various proposals with the debtor by direct contact: refinancing, cancellations, debt relief, etc..

Vehicle collection

Gesif’s visiting agents may intervene between debtor and customer, gathering any documentation, checking signatures and the state of the vehicle.

Back Office

We have a specific Back Office team, which manages all demands related to the provision of our services (administrative resources and documentary management).


Gesif issues real-time reports on every aspect of the entire portfolio management. Our reports are customized according to customer needs, and are uploaded onto a specific web platform. We adapt to any communication technology, even through encrypted channels.