Debt collection - Call Center (Spain)

Our debt collection services first try to reach an amicable solution.
The collection agents of both Call Centers, in Madrid and Catalonia, locate the debtors by telephone and negotiate payment agreements.

What we provide

Specialized debt collection team

For debt collection by telephone, Gesif has a team of selected and trained telephone operators who are able to efficiently negotiate as expected by our customers, always following a monitored code of ethics that ensures debtor respect.

We distribute our personnel into specialized management groups by customer and product type. This provides greater awareness of the particularities of a specific product and ensures adequate management for both our customer and the debtor.

Coordination teams

Gesif’s Call Center has a highly-qualified coordination team to train and support its agents, including the treatment of incidences.

Predictive dialer

Predictive calls. Contactability is discriminated in the operating portfolio and agents are sent all contacted files.

POS terminal

Direct collection by POS, with direct access to customer systems.

Performance-based compensation

Gesif shares the objectives of its customers: we only win if you win. We tailor the debt collection process to the goals set by the customer and our compensation is tied to their achievement.

Back Office

We have a specific Back Office team, which manages all demands related to the provision of our services (administrative resources and documentary management).


Gesif issues real-time reports on every aspect of the entire portfolio management. Our reports are customized according to customer needs, and are uploaded onto a specific web platform. We adapt to any communication technology, even through encrypted channels.