Bad debt collection

Gesif is an expert in bad debt collection.


Our combination of relevant information and expert human resources provide values that are essential to reduce losses and obtain a valuation, with a view to potential portfolio sales.

What we provide

Expert team

Gesif has a specialized team of expert agents for debt location and negotiation. Our Search/Location Unit enables us to offer a higher-than-average contactability ratio.

Previous portfolio valuation

Gesif optimizes the allocation of resources and thereby increases the profitability of bad debt portfolios. A previous analysis of the portfolio’s recovery expectations provides more accurate estimates of recovery ratios.

Prior portfolio segmentation and ad hoc processes

We adjust to each customer and portfolio’s peculiarities, creating individual and specific processes for the collection of bad debt. We are able to adjust in the various scenarios that may arise.


Our collection agents are skilled negotiators who use the recovery tools provided by the customer. They negotiate various proposals according to the customer’s guidelines (debt reduction, deferred payment, refinancing, cancellation of interest, etc…), in order to achieve its goals.

Bad debt legal recovery

After exhausting pre-litigious debt collection proceedings, we offer the possibility of continuing with a comprehensive collection process. Our legal team renders the portfolio litigious in order to obtain a higher recovery ratio.

Research department

A research department gathers all of Gesif’s information to accurately determine from the start what each portfolio’s actual recovery expectations are. (Read on)


Gesif issues real-time reports on every aspect of the entire portfolio management. Our reports are customized according to customer needs, and are uploaded onto a specific web platform. We adapt to any communication technology, even through encrypted channels.